The Manchester School District’s early learning programs are named for Dr. Selma Deitch, a local developmental pediatrician who was a dedicated and passionate advocate for families and young children. Dr Deitch understood that Manchester’s preschool students are a diverse group of three and four year olds who come from many different cultures, speak a variety of languages, and have a wide range of skills and abilities. Our district provides high quality preschool services to more than 400 children each year: children with identified disabilities, those from Title I school neighborhoods and Manchester residents who choose to enroll in the tuition program. At the Selma Deitch Early Learning Program, we believe that all of these children are capable learners. 

We are committed to ensuring that every preschool child who attends a Selma Deitch Early Learning Program has the opportunity to participate in a rich, high quality and developmentally appropriate program so that a strong early education foundation is built. In the Manchester public schools, the stakes are higher than ever that all children arrive at kindergarten “ready to succeed.” We know that children are born ready to learn and, in fact, they acquire a great deal of knowledge in the 5 years before formal schooling begins. Research tells us that the learning that takes place during the early years plays a critical role in determining the success students achieve both in school and in life.