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Special Education Preschool

Special Education Preschool Program 

The Manchester School District provides a high-quality preschool program for children with identified educational disabilities.The Selma Deitch Early Learning Program is committed to providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum for all the children who attend its classes. Our program has a high staff to student ratio, and our curriculum focuses on all aspects of development: cognitive, language, fine motor, gross motor and social/play skills.

Bishop O’Neil Center (30 South Elm Street Bakersville Annex) 
Jewett Street Elementary School
Parker Varney School
Smyth Road School (Autism Program)

Who is eligible to attend the Selma Deitch Early Learning Programs?

Any child who turns 3 years old or up to 5 years old and who is a Manchester resident with an identified educational disabilitiy.

How old must a child be to attend?

Children must be between 3 and 5 years old to attend preschool. Children may begin attending preschool at any point during the school year on their 3rd birthday if they have an identified educational disability.

How do I enroll my child?

Children must have an identified educational disability to be enrolled in special education at the Selma Deitch Early Learning Programs. To learn about the process for referral when you suspect that a child may not be developing normally and how a disability is identified please contact  the Child Find Evaluation Unit at (603) 628-6257 

Are there other options for placement to meet my child's Individual Education Plan?
Yes, some preschool special education programs are also provided through Community Outreach Programs. The district also provides a comprehensive autism support program for students with autism spectrum disorders. These programs are specifically tailored to meet each student's individual needs

Is Transportation provided?

Transportation is provided for students when required through the Individualized Education Plan.