Program Information

A Child Centered Philosophy: We believe that young children enter school with their own unique set of experiences. Our comprehensive curriculum addresses the needs of the whole child and is attentive to all aspects of early childhood education.

Program Goals:
  • To help each child reach his/her fullest potential.
  • To prepare each child for maximum participation in educational activities in the least restrictive environment.
  • To assist parents in developing skills and confidence in supporting their children.
A Language Intensive and Therapeutic Preschool Program: The program actively and deliberately emphasizes language development through the use of specific instructional and therapeutic techniques that support, develop, and extend each child’s communication abilities.

Two, three, and four day classes, which meet for 2.50 hours. Each day includes:
  • Choice Time – to develop socialization, language, and motor skills.
  • Circle Time – to develop language, cognitive, and participation skills.
  • Large Group Time – to develop language, visual perceptual, and gross motor skills.
  • Small Group Time- to develop cognitive, language, and visual perceptual skills.
  • Snack Time – to develop self-help, socialization, and language skills.
  • Story and Music Times – to develop language, gross motor, and participation skills.

A Balanced Mix of Activities

Program activities are developmentally appropriate for preschool age children and adapted to fit each child’s current level of development. The activity-based curriculum emphasizes each child’s strengths while addressing his/her individual needs.

Implementing Individual Education Plans (IEPs): 

Classroom teachers and therapists work together to plan activities that develop and reinforce the goals outlined on each IEP. These activities are then woven into the daily curriculum themes and supported by teachers and therapists within the classroom setting. Activities that do not lend themselves to classroom learning, are provided in smaller areas to individual or small groups of children.